Nike Jam

For the first time ever, breakdancing is going to be at the Olympics in Paris and the American sportswear giants have made a shoe just for it. Light, flexible and with an upside down swoosh for when the breakers are doing handstands so that you can still see the swoosh on the dancers feet. Available soon.

Luca Avitabile Japanese Denim – Stone Washed Shirt

I like denim and I like Neapolitan hand-made shirts. So this shirt existing really does tick all of the sartorial boxes for me! Mother of pearl buttons and it comes pre-washed for comfort. Yes please! Available here.

Bonne Maman – Madelines

I have walked past these hundreds of times in my local supermarket, but the other day I decided that I wanted to give them a go and I am glad that I did. Buttery, cakey and great with a coffee. Oui, oui. Available from all good shops.

Pasteelo – Polar Fleece Tech Pants

As I am getting older, tracksuit bottoms are becoming increasingly attractive. I don’t own a pair because A. I don’t go to the gym and B. I can still imagine my mum saying ‘you can leave the house in gym pants.’ Anyway these from Pasteelo are superb and are made from fleece for when you are skating in a Danish winter / wanting to get snug in Accrington. Available here.

Anglo Italian x Crockett & Jones Unley Loafers

Jake and the gang at Anglo Italian can always tempt me to spend my hard-earned cash with them and I am currently hovering over the ‘add to basket’ button as wee speak on these. Wider across the instep, unlined and made in the UK, yes please. Available here.

Baby Reindeer

Beautifully written, funny, excruciatingly acted and genuinely heart-breaking, ‘Baby Reindeer’ probably isn’t one to watch if you are the faint of heart but if you do fancy watching it, I am fairly sure it will be making your ‘best of 2024’ list. Available now on Netflix.

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