It’s all well and good, this ‘putting everything online’ lark, but I love the fact that there is still certain information that you simply can’t find on the Internet, only in actual books. I quite enjoy the feeling of being part of an exclusive club (a bit like how I want TRiCKETT to feel) and that feeling is replicated when, after rifling through hundreds of well-thumbed pages, you find the treasure you were searching for.

The books I return to time after time for inspiration, information, styling images and everything in between are listed below.  I couldn’t be without them and refer to them all the time.

Take Ivy – T. Hayashida

My absolute favourite book about Ivy style, filled with inspirational images from the late fifties and early sixties. If you can’t find inspiration in here, then you probably need to go for a nice long walk and take up bird watching.

Ideas From Massimo Osti – Daniela Facchinato

As well as this looking delightful on my coffee table, I am constantly dipping into it when researching technical processes, such as garment dyeing. Maybe the greatest designer of all time or maybe it is…

Vivienne Westwood Catwalk – Alexander Fury

Another beauty for the coffee table, the overview of Westwood’s catwalk collections through the years is such a feast for the eyes. My mum and I have been lifelong fans of both Vivienne and her brand, plus the heavy use of tartan in her collections will always be a winner for us, considering our Scottish heritage.

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be – Paul Arden

A quick read that pretty much changed my life and my perspective on how to achieve what I wanted to achieve. There’s no point trying to really explain what this is about – give it a read and thank me later!

Scottish Estate Tweeds – Johnstons of Elgin

I love this book so much. It has a ridiculous amount of reference images for different types of tweed and considering my utter obsession for this type of fabric, I can’t fail to be inspired whenever I so much as glance at a page in here.

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