1986 Tottenham Hummel Reissue Home Shirt

There aren’t many football shirts that have eluded me since my ‘I am going to collect every shirt that Diego wore during his time at Napoli’ collection, but this is one of those that has eluded me. Mainly because the shirt is popular amongst collectors and the other is that they are very seldom printed with the correct numbers on the back. Anyway, this one has just been re-issued and it’ll soon be in my collection. Available here.

Pasta from Mammami

There are many things that I miss when I am not in Napoli, but the main one is the food. And one of my favourite places to visit for lunch is Mammami. Be quick though, the Genovese always sells out quick! For more food pics have a look at their Instagram.

Iowa Women’s basketball

I am going to be honest with you, I have got really carried away with the Women’s college basketball this year and in particular Caitlin Clark. If you need a sports fix and enjoy watching a up-and-coming wizard on the court, then Iowa are in the final tomorrow.

Neapolitan tracksuits

Here in the UK, tracksuits are bit naff. They are either tech-fleece inspired stuff or ones that you should’ve stopped wearing 100 years ago. In Napoli they take tracksuits super seriously and I found this one recently that made me want to pack everything up, move to southern Italy and open up a coffee bar.

Wild Studio CPH – Moonchild Stool

Is it a stool? Is it a table? Is it something else? It is probably all of those things and more. However, when I saw these in Copenhagen I knew that I had to get one, so I did. Turns out you can order them from the UK here which is a bit annoying, but it was good fun working out how to ship them.

Magnum, p.i. Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole

I like Playmobil, I like Ferraris and I like Magnum p.i. So this really was that easy. Available here

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