My name is Iain Trickett and I am the founder of TRiCKETT England, a clothing and lifestyle brand, based in Accrington, Lancashire. Back in 2012 when I started TRiCKETT, my main focus was to make beautiful things of a superior quality, for a good price. This hasn’t changed and I’m lucky enough to have established great relationships with incredible manufacturers who take such pride in what they do.

Lancashire is a region with a proud history of textile and clothing manufacturing, from the mid-18th century until its eventual demise in the early 1980s. My paternal great grandfather, grandfather, grandmother and dad (Barrie, who works with me today) all worked in the textile industry, selling dress and quilting fabrics in Accrington and across the country via mail-order and pop-up stalls. In my eyes, my dad was the originator of the pop-up shop! My family’s history of working with textiles has both consciously and subconsciously informed the way in which I run TRiCKETT. I am truly honoured to be able to continue developing what we do with such a wealth of knowledge, stories and expertise at my fingertips.

I am a proud Lancastrian and Accringtonian and I like to represent and promote the place where I am from in everything that I do. Being local doesn’t mean that we can’t look beyond the rolling hills of the Lancashire countryside for inspiration. I was fortunate enough to visit America very often as a child and I fell in love with the sporting and hip-hop culture of the country, this would go on to inform my sense of style and what I look for in design. I’m also a huge fan of Los Angelino culture and the iconography of the city. My other passions lie in football, art and the city of Napoli.

Napoli stole my heart much later on in life and it is somewhere I will be forever grateful to have visited. The people, food, superstitions and the football team are things that I had been searching for all of my life… I just didn’t know it. I was also lucky enough to make new lifelong friends in the city that maybe one day I will call home.

I am not a trained designer, I have no technical knowledge and I am pretty terrible at drawing. However, I am passionate, I love factories, enjoy meeting people and telling stories, which I feel is all you need to run any brand. Someone once described us as ‘a people-focused brand’ and I am happy to agree with that.

The quality of our products is second to none. You may think I have to say this, but if anything, I undersell what we do here at TRiCKETT. More recently, I have learned that the product and service we offer is much better than what you will receive in many places. You are welcome to come along for the ride via our social media platforms and also on ‘TRiCKETT Tales’ here as we take time to get to know the makers and tell the stories which make clothing manufacture so special. We don’t spend money on advertising or flash lookbooks as that isn’t our style. It also helps to reduce costs so that we can deliver our products to you for the best possible price.

I don’t mass-produce anything here, so it may be a little frustrating when something you want sells out, but I believe it just makes everything that little bit more special. As it’s my name above the door, I strive for excellence as the bare minimum every day. I personally design, source, develop, produce, arrange logistics, sort, pack, fund, photograph, write copy for and sell all of our products. There is no-one in the middle as with so many other brands.

There is something here for everyone, whether it is nostalgia, an interesting object or you just want an item of clothing that lasts for years, you will find it with us. Thanks for taking the time to be here and if you need anything at all, get in touch, I am always happy to help.

Don’t Worry. Be Accy.

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