Bayer NEVERkusen

As you will probably have seen Bayer Leverkusen have won the Bundesliga for the first time in their history by the tactical mastermind Xabi Alonso. He has seemingly got a team of average players (with some obvious exclusions) to zip along long a well-tuned steam locomotive, never quite knowing when they are beaten. As a result, this season they are yet to lose a game in all competitions, which is quite a feat.

Diptyque – Café Candle

The smell of coffee and candles don’t necessarily mix that well, but the French scentsmiths have done a beautiful job of making this smell like the French café you wish that you could visit every day. Then you realise you are in Accrington and can’t. Available here.

Rag Parade – Vintage Special Air Sea Services Smock

I love camo, I love smocks and I love things made in Lancashire. So this is a pretty easy one really. If you are unaware, make sure to go and see Jojo’s wonderful collection of vintage items in Sheffield and thank me later… your bank manager probably won’t. Available here.

Ben’s Cookies

I went to London this week and decided that I needed a post-meeting treat and that always ends up being a cookie from Bens. The Oxford-created cookie shop is one of my favourites and for a milk chocolate variant, I will pretty much do anything. Shops across the UK.

Mario Gallucci Pizza Chocolate

When you mix Mario’s chocolate with pizza you are always going to be in for a treat. He has managed to make the classic margherita look even more appetising, which is no mean feat. Available from our shop soon.

Acqua di Parma – Car Diffuser


Do you need a £187 car diffuser when a humble ‘Little Tree’ smelling like teenage you will do the trick? Definitely not. However, when I hopped in an Uber this week and it had one of these pumping out smells of old Italian men getting their hair cut in the ‘60s, I was willing to overlook some of the more ‘interesting’ driving decisions. Available here.

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