March 01, 2024

When you get a fella out of retirement to make you a t-shirt it should probably be for a good reason. Here at TRiCKETT we are always on the hunt for the best jersey-based torso coverings in the world and our new Carlos t-shirts may well be the pinnacle.

Apparently there is only one bloke in the whole world who can make 280gsm fabric which feels soft, looks the part and washes really well. This man is Carlos and he retired to northern Mexico in 2021 after a long career (starting in the 1960s) knitting fabric for the US and Mexican armies.

Carlos was busily tending to his garden when he got the call from East Lancashire asking him to go back to our partner factory in Los Angeles and make some fabric for t-shirts. Thankfully, he agreed without hesitation and started sending emails with the updates.

The fabric is heavy, but not like wearing a top made of bricks. It has a wonderful texture that almost looks like ice-cream (you’ll know what we mean when you get one) and it has a really nice fit. The material used is what armies wore back in the day and has a really fancy name that I won’t pretend to know what it means.

This t-shirt really does not exist anywhere else apart from us and I doubt that you will ever want to wear anything else. The tees come in ou three classic colours: Nottie’s ice-cream, Blackpool Sea and Accy Sky and two new colours Wash and Dodger blue. Carlos will be returning back to Mexico this month to finally enjoy his retirement, but fear not, he’s left instructions on how to make the fabric for future orders.

Available on Thursday at 7PM.

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