In a new segment where I put all the things that I have lusted after or thought ‘Wow they’re nice’ this week, may I present ‘Things I liked this week.’ So settle in and enjoy.

Bright Shoemakers, Moc Derby, Chestnut

I love shoes and I think this should be apparent from how much I go on about them on social media. However these beauties mix the elegance of a brogue with the trusty stylings of a work boot and then throw in extra details just to make me love them more. Anyways, these beauties are available for Danish giants Wardrobe 19 and if I see you wearing them in ASDA I will be both happy and sad.

New Los Angeles Clippers Uniforms

The only two people that I knew who liked the Clippers were me and Billy Crystal. I liked them from the Olawakandi and Elton Brand days, but they have never even come close to winning anything of importance, apart from my heart. Anyways after years in the aesthetic wilderness, the team are back with new uniforms. Boring? Probably. Better than anything we have had in what seems like a century? Definitely.

Juno the bakery – Mælkesnitter

A pastry unlike any other and very much a Danish stalwart. Apparently this is a bit of a kids favourite in the land of Kasper Schmeichel, but we like it because it is called milk slice in English and does anything sound better than that? Two recommendations for Denmark in one sitting. So that means I have to go doesn’t it? This one is from Juno the bakery in Copenhagen, but others are available… probably.

Nike Air Max Drift

All the cool guys wore TNs when I was growing up so to see them changed a bit and even slightly improved is always welcome here. A nice colourway too, that you may even consider wearing. Only if you hang around outside Church Street Chippy in Accrington though. Available from all good and bad sportswear outlets.

Nissan Qashqai Ceramic Grey

Let me be clear, I know nothing about cars, but I have been seeing this new(ish) model of Quasqai everywhere at the moment and just when I was at ASDA this one was parked next to me and I thought ‘ Wow, that is really nice.’ Japanese designed, British-made, nice colour and if Nissan do send me one for free I promise to create a line of t-shirts for owners of them and call the Collection Quas-guys… maybe that needs some work. Available now.

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