Getting Older

February 18, 2024

I am very lucky in lots and lots of ways, but having excellent friends is something that I am forever grateful for. I am an exceptionally loyal person, with most of the people in these photos having been my pal since I was eleven years of age… which is a little while ago now… I am always talking to them about clothes (sometimes football) and they have put up with me for too long, so I decided to pop them in some nice TRiCKETT stuff. These are normal people, with normal jobs who mean the world to me. They aren’t models, cool guys or people I pretend to know. I hope it makes you want to try a few new things or just remark on how good everyone looks in my clothes.

Every year we meet up for a long weekend to chat, drink and make elaborate roasts. This was us in Keighley in 2024 at a super haunted barn conversion. So here we go.

Chris wears Chippy Tea Tee, The Durber overshirt, Coppice Cut Jeans and Air Max One Magenta. He lives in York with his wife and son, makes your trains run on time (as best as he can) and loves hippos.

Dave wears TRiCKETT Jeans t-shirt, Coppice Cut Jeans and Clarks Wallabees. Dave lives in Great Harwood with his wife and daughter, keeps you safe at music festivals and really likes the colour green (and Tugay Kerimoğlu).

Jonny wears FB County overshirt, Shaka Wear T-Shirt, Coppice Cut Jeans and New Balance 2002R Basement Friends & Family edition. He lives in Newcastle with his wife and children, he makes sure that people pay their taxes and loves Branston pickle.

John wears Durber overshirt, Carvalho zip up hoodie, Coppice Cut jeans and adidas Earlham. He lives in Burnley with his wife and children, keeps your website safe and tries not to get too worked up about Burnley’s current form.

Joel wears Carvalho hoodie, Coppice Cut Jeans, Cilento scarf and Thorogood boots. He lives in Great Harwood with his cats, he keeps your animals fed and loves Kate Bush.

If you are as lucky as me to have so many great friends that look so good in your creations, then you are very lucky. Support your pals just like they support you.

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