Turkish Baths Harrogate

I will be honest, the idea of a spa day usually fills me with dread. However steam, a really nice building and getting up super early for the first session on Saturday morning before an even bigger ‘session’ was great. The steam room made me feel as if I had been born again. Book your session here.

The Northern Lights

Like everyone I was busily taking photos of the norther lights on Friday night which was a truly memorable experience, however all I could think of was the above Simpsons scene. Probably more to do with me than the Northern Lights mind.

Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop

Are you going to go there every week to do your big shop? Probably not. However you will go there for treats, lovely sausages and to think to yourself ‘If I had a big country mansion, this is where I would shop.’ Warn the bank manager.

REI – Swiftland Pack Running Anorak – Cosmic Magenta

I like to go for a jog every other day just so that my knees can recover… However with it raining as much as it does here in lovely Accrington it is always tough to find a jacket that looks as good pounding the pavement as it does, pounding the pints… or something like that. REI have done that with this jacket and I couldn’t be happier. Available here.

Boddingtons – On the Tap

This weekend I went out with my friends Joel and Dave and they got very excited about Boddingtons being on draught at the pub. This excitement was very exciting to witness so that is why it made my favourite things. As a side note apparently having Boddies on draught is getting rarer and rarer in British pubs.

Red Wing classic moc toe (8208)

Red wings in a rough-out leather that have a slight pink tinge. That will do me fine. Available from our favourite shop in Brighton right now here.

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