Clints Inc – Oasis Shoes

I am a huge fan of local brands, shops and interesting objects and the team at Clints have managed to achieve all of these things. I popped into their Manchester shop on Sunday to get myself a new t-shirt and noticed that their super sought-after Oasis shoes were still on the shelf. It has been a shoe that I have liked for ages, so I treated myself. Let this be a lesson to us all, shops still sell ace stuff and you are never to old to be inspired by the generation behind you. Available in-store and via the Clints website.

adidas Spezial ‘Decade’ exhibtion

Local hero Gary Aspden is back in Darwen to show off his decade (and more) work on his adidas Spezial collection. I trotted down to have a look and was amazed that A) it has been 10 years since the first shoes launched and B) that there isn’t an adidas Accrington… yet. Here is to another 10 years. Open until the 26th May until 8PM every day. More info here.

Bother Magazine – Issue 1

Some good stuff does come from Yorkshire, like puddings, terriers and probably other stuff. However, this time around, the lovely people at HebTroCo have come up with an absolute corker. A magazine that covers a whole range of topics that you will be interested in and if you aren’t, it comes with a voucher for £20 for you to spend on their lovely clothing… to soften the blow. I may also make an appearance as the official agony uncle… which is nice. Get your copy here.

Billie Eilish – HIT ME HARD AND SOFT

I like Billie Eilish. I like her new album and I think you will do too. Take note of the above ‘you’re never too old’ statement. CHIHIRO, BLUE AND LUNCH are personal favourites. Available from all good record shops and streaming services now.

True ’til Death Tattoo – Accrington

Anytime that you can be transported to a wonderful space that feels like a southern Californian tattoo shop whilst remaining in Accrington is always a good day. The shop is run by Christopher Kenyon and his pals, right on lovely Warner Street in Accrington. Our pal Olivia is over from the USA and got NORI tattooed on herself, paying homage to the lovely bricks from my hometown. Doesn’t get much more TRiCKETT does it? Get in touch with Christopher and the other artists for appointments.

Mrs. Hinch Vacay Vibes Scent Boosters

Mrs. Hinch out here making the scent of the summer. I want my clothes for the rest of time to smell like this and if Lenor want to send me 1000KG of them that is absolutely fine. Available from certain supermarkets.

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