Any time you get a pair of trainers in near perfect TRiCKETT colours that is always a good day. So here is my pick for one of the best pairs of shoes that I have seen in ages. Go with everything and a brand that not everyone around the dinner table will be wearing. Get yours here and I will be jealous.

Curtis Mayfield – Curtis

I had a super long drive ahead of me a few days ago and I loaded this album in my playlist for the journey. Turns out this is one of my all-time favourite albums and just gets better and better with every listen. Available at your local record shop now.

Cypress Hill – Royal Albert Hall

I am a big ‘The Simpsons’ fan and I also really like Cypress Hill. In one of the episodes Cypress Hill accidentally orders the London symphony orchestra to the festival that they are playing at. It makes for one of the more iconic pop culture moments. Anyways, decades later Cypress Hill will play at the Royal Albert Hall alongside the London symphony orchestra… which is nice. Ticket have sold out now… I think.

Hot Cross Buns

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns and I forget how much I like them every year. So that is that. Available from your local bakery now.

Aurora Shoe Co – Middle English

I bought my first pair of these in 2014 and they are still going strong now. No-one in my family likes to be seen with me wearing these shoes, however when you slip these on and trot around in them, they will fast become your favourite shoes that you have ever worn. They also go with everything. Available here.

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