This week I was away, so it will be a bit Copenhagen biased, but here we go.

France Euro 2024 Away Shirt

In what has been a strange few days for football shirts, this is by far the best that has been released. Nostalgia, technology and shorts that I would happily wear on their own. Exciting.

Toledo Shoes

Don’t get too excited, but me and Joe may well be working on an updated version of the famous Toledo shoe. Keep those feet ready.

Haribo in Europe

Why do they always make better Haribo flavours in Europe? I am always taking pictures of all the sweets lined up in their packaging. I think if I ever have a shop, I want a pile of Haribo like this.

The artwork in København Lufthavn

Airports are largely boring places and whilst the shops and stuff at Copenhagen airport are pretty ace, I loved all the artwork on the walls, makes queuing at passport control a little more fun.


This is a bit of a Danish institution that seems to be on the way out as it has been bought by a bigger company… I won’t get into that, but Irma is like the food section at M&S, but with better branding. It is so good, in fact, that the Danish Design museum has a whole section and exhibition dedicated to their branding. However buying the coffee seems more difficult than it should be… thanks to the bloke in the gift shop that told me where to get it.

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