Smelling of tar isn’t necessarily the first thing that you think of when you want to emit a proud perfume amongst the population. However this stuff smells like an absolute dream and it comes in pretty swish packaging too. Throw in the fact that it is made in Portugal and you are on to a bit of a winner. Available here.

Dune Part 2

Until Thursday of last week I was completely unaware of what Dune was, then my mate Joel asked if I could watch part two with him at the cinema, so I watched part one. I thoroughly enjoyed both parts and I now fully understand what critics say when they state that Dune is ‘Star Wars for grown-ups.’ Still, I prefer Ewoks to sand worms… watch it… you’ll know what I mean. In your local cinema now.

Chocolate Donkey – Mario Gallucci

Napoli were once referred to at the ‘Little Donkeys’ or I Ciucciarelli by the locals as they were so bad at one point. Anyways this is a nickname that still endures in the city and so we decided that we should get some of those little donkeys in stock for Easter. Luckily Mario Gallucci said yes (those casings that you pour the chocolate into are really expensive!) and we will have plenty of these trotting into the shop in time for Easter. Available from us soon.

New Balance – 1906 – New Spruce

Sure they look like something my dad would’ve chosen to wear on holiday, but I think that is part of the charm… that and those blue accents *swoon*. Available from your local sports shops and here.

à bloc – Altrincham – Doughnuts

I take doughnuts pretty seriously and I taste them based on my own scale of ‘How much better are these than a 20p one from LIDL?’ Turns out these ones from à bloc in Altrincham are really good, maybe some of the best I have had in months. Anyways, go there and treat yourself! Go on a trip.

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