Accy Sky

March 13, 2024

There’s a reason why the colour grey features so heavily in the TRiCKETT colour palette, from t-shirts to sweatshirts and hoodies, to socks and hats.

Despite the fact that I love grey as a neutral option for athletic basics, I mainly gravitate towards it because it reflects where I’m from more than any other colour.

You may already know this but if you don’t, I was born in Accrington, a post-industrial mill town in East Lancashire, UK. I still live and work in the town to this day, and, like I imagine most people are, I am very much affected and influenced by my surroundings. To complement its bleak industrial landscape with beautiful mill buildings falling into disrepair, the sky above Accrington is generally a shade of grey that I have affectionately termed, ‘Accy Sky’.

Regardless of the time of year, grey skies tend to abound in the Accrington area. There’s usually about a week in June of sunshine and blue skies, which is a real treat, then it’s back to grey clouds with the occasional peek of blue during summer. In winter, it’s either raining or not, but it’s always grey. The strange thing is, whenever I have been to another country or even spent any length of time elsewhere in the UK, after a while I miss the Accy sky and the grey light which lets me know I’m home. There really is nowhere quite like it.

Whilst I absolutely love bright colours and choose to buy things in a ‘fun’ colourway if I have the option, grey will always be the best basic, neutral shade to pair with other colours and it will forever be a main character in the TRiCKETT story.

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