Stella Artois Hat – Abercrombie & Fitch

Why I was on the Abercrombue and Fitch website looking for Belgian beer hats I will never know. However I popped these on my Twitter the other day and it went crazy, so much so that I think they have sold out now… Maybe they will be back soon.

South 2 West 8 x Better duck camo tracksuit bottoms

Is that an overly complicated pair of camo trousers that are really expensive and would probably not look very good on me? Sign me up! Available here

ASDA Orange Juice

I have been a bit ill this week and having orange juice always seems to make me feel better. Probably due to the lack of sunshine that we experience here in Accy and the fact that I can’t leave the house due to a permanent monsoon. Anyways, this from ASDA is always great. I get the extra special one, because I am extra special… so my mum says. Available from your local store.

England Youth Team Shirt

Crisps, Predators and the only way you could get one was by being a child prodigy in the ’90s. That will do me.

Nate Dogg x Pro Club T-Shirt

This is the kind of t-shirt that I need in my life. R.I.P to Nate Dogg and hello to my summer of just wearing this!!! Available here.

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