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A few months ago I was sat looking at our new puppy, Vincent, and I thought to myself about how he will never get cold cheeks because his ears cover the side of his head. I thought this would be great in winter, so I got out my felt tips and designed a new hat.

The Vincent hat mixes my love of proper knitted hats with the hunting caps from America. I wanted something that was warm, that could be used to keep my ears and cheeks warm and could be folded away if needed. So after a bit of back and forth with the factory, our Vincent hats were finished. The hat comes with flaps which can be tied on top of your head when you don’t need them and easy unfastened and tied under your chin when you do need them. Should you wish to look like Goofy and have them drooping down that is also fine.

The hats are made from our lovely Alpaca and British wool mix for a soft, rugged and warm feel and are manufactured in Nottingham by Stuart and his team. They are finished in Darwen by Susan and her team who have embroidered a right nice ‘T’ on the front. This may well be one of the weirdest (but best functioning) hats that we have ever made. I am very excited to see what you lot think!

Made in the UK.

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