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I love chocolate, probably too much. Some people prefer crisps, fruit or pints, but for me it is chocolate. I have always wanted to make my own bars, but like anything we have done we had to wait until we found the right people to work with and after a few years of searching, we found the right person.

Mario Gallucci and his family have been making chocolate in the Rione Sanita district of Napoli since 1890 and by crikey they know what they’re doing. A few years back we made some chocolate with them and it flew out so quickly that I didn’t even get to give my mum a bar, so this time we have stocked up and are ready to rock and roll. The chocolate is available in three classic flavours:

Milk Chocolate – The classic and the barometer by which to test all chocolate.

White Chocolate – My favourite, because I have the sweetest of sweet teeth.

Cappuccino – This bar features actual coffee grounds running throughout the smooth, milk chocolate. Italy, coffee and chocolate, what more could you want?!

All of Mario’s chocolates have a slight grain to them, which you will understand when you have a bar. This time around we decided to update the packaging a bit to celebrate the third scudetto and just because we thought it would look cool. Three flavours, three scudetti. See, we know what we are on about sometimes.

So go on and taste a piece of Neapolitan history here.

100g bar. Made in Italy.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Contains cereals and milk. All chocolate bars have the ingredients written in Italian. If you have any allergies such as fruit, wheat, nuts, milk or anything else, please do not purchase. By purchasing you confirm that you will read the ingredients and translate accordingly. All allergens and health issues are the responsibility of the purchaser and not the company. Sorry, sounds dead official doesn’t it.

All orders are packed by us, sent via our local Post Office and processed by our long-time friend Shafiq.

Customers have 14 days from the day they receive their parcel to return it back to us. To be refundable, all products must be completely unworn and unwashed, and must be returned in their original condition. All international orders are final, no refunds, exchanges or credit notes.

You can read the full delivery and returns information here

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