Thor Leather Head Hammer

Thor Leather Head Hammer


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If I had a hammer… well actually, I do have one. Thor (genuinely that is what they are called) have been making hammers since 1923, so in turn know a thing or two about whacking stuff. Ages ago when my dad was having his van repaired there was a fella on Dill Hall Lane that sorted and bumps in your panel work by hitting it with a hammer like this.

I always wondered who made them and it turns out it was Thor. These hammers come with buffalo hide heads which can strike panels and whatever else really hard, yet barely leave a mark on the panel. This is to reduce strike marks like you would get from a normal hammer due to the leather absorbing most of the strike… nice eh? The hammers and heads are still made in the same factory in the Midlands using the same techniques from 100 years ago.

Anyway, we got in touch with Thor and asked if they could make us a leather hammer with both heads leather (usually one is metal) and change the handle slightly for a better grip. Luckily, they were happy to oblige. What is even more exciting is that when you wear the heads out, they can be easily replaced so you can get back to beating panels or looking at it on a shelf.

Made in the UK.

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