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Superstition is an integral part of Neapolitan culture and there are many symbols and icons to keep bad luck and the evil eye away from you. When you wander the streets of the city and talk to people, you notice that they will either have a cornicello (the red horn-like charm) or san Gennaro (the patron saint of Naples) tattooed on them, a mano (the fist with two pointed fingers) hanging from the handle on their scooter, or a bracelet with their lucky number (numbers have a very special meaning in Napoli) on it. If you want learn more about the superstitions of Napoli we have made a little video below all about it.

The mano (or hand) is seen as a way to keep evil spirits at bay, with the ‘horned’ fingers pointing to ‘hell’ to keep all those evil eyes and bad vibes away from you. I have one on the indicator stalk of my car to hopefully keep bad drivers away from me… and punctures.

Each mano is about 6cm high and is quite hefty, supplied to us by our friend Salvatore in Napoli (who you can see at the start of the below video) and is a sure fire way to keep the evil eye from you. We also quite like the fact that it looks like the traditional ‘metal’ horn for those of us who like rock and or roll music.

So don’t mess about, treat yourself to a mano and make yourself feel dead good.

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