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Gravy Boat


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I would like to think we have made this clear in the past, but just for the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever… I love gravy. I love it on anything and, at the dinner table, my friends and family know to pass me the gravy boat last because if I have it first, there will be no gravy left for anyone else.

For me, a chippy tea just isn’t the same without the tantalising viscosity of gravy clinging to every crevice of the meat and potato pie and gently dancing across the golden chips, glistening as it goes. That may be the most poetic thing I have ever written and it is all about gravy, that is just how much I love it.

Weirdly, up to this point I had never made a gravy boat, so we got in touch with our friend Karen in Sheffield and asked her to make one for TRiCKETT and here it is. Ours is made from a lightweight stainless steel which is great for heat retention and for accurate pouring. Nothing worse than a heavy gravy boat that you can’t control due to it being so heavy… I should know. There is an elegant handle attached so that you can look dead fancy when pouring the good stuff and the way that the lip of the boat is shaped means that there are minimal drips. You don’t want to waste the good stuff!

Each is made by hand and as a result there will be a tiny bit of discolouration on the underside of the base of the boat. It is all part of the magical making process… I think it looks pretty cool personally. Each is then finished with a TRiCKETT logo on both sides so that everyone knows who this gravy belongs to.

A gravy boat built to my specification must be good, so go on and treat yourself.

Stainless Steel.

Made in Sheffield.

Made in Sheffield.

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