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Coppice Cut Jeans



When you take 5 years to make something, then it better be good. And with our new ‘Coppice Cut’ jeans I really feel like we have made something that really is worth the wait, but you will think I am bound to say that, but here is why our new jeans are the only trousers that you will probably ever need.

As with all jeans, you need to start with a really great denim fabric and so we spoke to our mate Marco at Candiani denim and asked him to make something super special for us. The fabric is a 14.5oz red line selvedge denim that is made from Regenagri® cotton, what this means to you is that the cotton is farmed using diverse farming techniques to improve overall soil and fabric quality in order to limit the impact of growing on planet earth. Candiani are the greenest and most progressive fabric mill on planet earth and are making daily strides limit their impact on the environment whilst still producing some of the finest cloth. I think that is a huge tick in the fabric column, right let’s get onto who is making them.

Our jeans are made in Leicester by Bob, his family and team right slap bang in the heart of England’s clothing-making region. Bob has been making jeans for decades and certainly knows a thing or two about how to make a pair of trousers. All of his members of staff are cared for, paid well for their skilled work and just to happen to work around the corner from one of the best samosa shops in Leicester… not too shabby. Bob also possess one of my favourite sewing machines, a triple needle run and fell which makes jeans to the absolute highest standard. Bob and his team measure and cut the fabric, sew, finish, press and pack every pair and must pass their extremely high standards before making it onto your legs. So a wonderful fabric, great manufacturers (tick, tick) and now all the details.

We have not scrimped on any aspect of these jeans because we wanted them to be perfect and have very much thrown the kitchen sink and more at them, but also managed to strip out a few bits that I thought were a bit old fashioned. All the buttons from the top button to the fly are custom-made just for us, no standard or plain buttons here, oh no! On the fly there are three ‘T’ branded buttons for the 3 Ts in TRiCKETT and on the zip itself there are three ‘hill’ zig-zags to represent the three hills that surround Accrington (The Coppice, The Great Hameldon hill and Whinney Hill). All that detail and this is just the fly!!!

We have stripped out the rivets, 5th ‘coin’ pocket (I have never used one in my life) and all the unnecessary bar-tacking in order to produce a clean, modern looking pair of jeans that look really beautiful. There are two ‘T’ bar-tacks at the side of the leg for reinforcement, nice deep front pockets for mobiles, wallets and whatever else you put in there and our pear-drop chain stitched hem. This pays homage to the great confectionary manufacturer from Oswaldtwistle that once held the honour of creating the worlds biggest pair drop. One side pink and the other side yellow, just like the stitching on our jeans.

On the subject of stitching, the main stress points of the jeans are triple stitched for durabilty, because the look great and just to happen to look great with a certain sportswear company’s logo. The rest of the jeans are made using the super resilient chain stitch. On the back pockets there is the outline of the Coppice on the left side and a reflected image of that same outline on the other pocket, each is chain stitched by hand and therefore each pair of jeans will differ ever to slightly. The back pockets are fully lined for extra durability and the jeans are then finished with a leather patch to the back that you can loop your belt underneath, just to show off the brand, like they used to do in the 70s. Talking of the seventies, we have added a ‘pocket plaster’ to the back of the jeans and sewn it onto the pocket like they used to do back in the day. This was a way to stand out in shops filled with jeans back in the day, but we added it just because it looks nice.

We would describe the fit as a straight taper. Not slim, not baggy but perfect for those of us who like a bit of room across the thighs, but a nice taper so that we can show off our shoes. The waist is a mid to high rise so that you cover your back side when bending over in them and because a higher waist makes your legs look longer. They are very much influenced by workwear and are intended to be worn anywhere that you can wear nice jeans.

The selvedge fabric does take a little bit of looking after and that is why we have included a handy booklet on how to care for them. In short, wear them for as long as you can, wash infrequently at 30 degrees, line dry and don’t put in the tumble drier. If this is your first time wearing selvedge, some people take the washing and rinsing of their jeans very seriously and often note when they are laundered. That is why we have included a tally chart on the inside pocket of your jeans to do just that, we even have a little time capsule statement on there, seeing as these beauties are built to last, so who knows how many people will wear these after you.

So there we are, that is why these took me half a decade to make, because I wanted something absolutely beautiful and to be made the right way. We didn’t rush them because we believe you lot deserve the best and I firmly believe that our Coppice Cut is just that.

Made in England.

100% Cotton

Waist (Double for full measurement)16"17"18"19"20"21"
Front Rise11"11"11.5"12"12"12.5"
Back Rise14.75"15"15.5"15.5"16"17"
Across Thigh11.75"12.5"13"13.25"13.75"14.5"

} All orders are packed by us, sent via our local Post Office and processed by our long-time friend Shafiq. Next Working Day is Monday - Friday only. If your order is placed after 4pm on a Friday or over the weekend this will be dispatched on the next working day and due for the delivery the following working day after that.

Customers have 14 days from the day they receive their parcel to return it back to us. To be refundable, all products must be completely unworn and unwashed, and must be returned in their original condition. All international orders are final, no refunds, exchanges or credit notes.

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