Neapolitan 18k Gold Chains


Ever since I first went to Napoli I was always a bit obsessed with all the Neapolitans who wore these ace necklaces. They were always made from super shiny gold and had these charms on that I had no idea what they meant. Fast forward a few years and now I have them in my shop.

Our Neapolitan chains are sourced from Napoli by our mate Iris and are manufactured from 18 karat gold, we don’t mess about us. This guarantees that the metal will not tarnish and will stay super shiny with minimal upkeep.  The two charms that we have chosen for the chain are the mano and the cornicello. The Mano keeps evil spirits and bad vibes away from you, this charm is made from 18k solid gold. The cornicello promotes good luck and fertility, the head of the charm is 18k gold with the red part manufactured from Italian marble.

The chain measures 50cm so long enough to wear above a t-shirt or under a shirt, but not long enough so that it droops into your cup of tea. Each come packaged in a lovely velour box and protective cardboard box. A proper piece of Napoli around your neck and this piece will fast become a family heirloom.

Made in Italy. 18 karat gold.

All necklaces are made to order and are not available for refund. Only a credit note will be given.

And here is a little video all about cornicellos and the superstitions in Napoli produced by us.